Ortho-K Aftercare

Caring for your lenses

Caring for your Ortho-K lenses

Your Ortho-K lenses are hard lenses so they will not tear like soft lenses. However, you will still need to treat them with care as they can still be broken with enough force.

The first rule of all contact lenses is to always wash your hands first. Good hygiene will prevent infections which are not pleasant at all!

As each lens is designed specifically for each eye, it is important not to mix up the lenses. Slight tints have been put on the lenses to help you differentiate between each lens. It is also recommended to keep to a routine of always inserting your right lens first.

We recommend the following lens care products and solutions to use with your OK lenses:

* AOSept Plus hydrogen peroxide cleaning system

* Menicon Progent protein remover

* Hylo-Forte eye drops

* Sterile saline solution

* RGP suction lens remover

All above Ortho-K lens care products are available at Clarity Optical.

NEVER use any tap water to clean or rinse your lenses or lens cases.

Orthok package kit
Before handling your Ortho-K lenses.

* Always wash your hands thoroughly with anti-microbial liquid handwash.

* Dry your hands with a clean, lint-free paper towel.

* Fingernails should be cut short and smooth to avoid scratching your eye.

Clip Art of hand wash demonstration
Inserting your Ortho-K lenses.

* Your lenses are colour-coded for right and left. Grey or green lens = Right; Blue lens = Left.

* Inspect the lens for any signs of damage before insertion.

* Place one drop of Hylo Forte eye drops or Saline onto the lens surface. This reduces the

  chance of air bubbles under the lens and improves eye comfort.

* Tilt your head down and look into your mirror positioned flat on your table.

* Use your fingers to lift the upper eyelid and the middle finger to pull down on the lower lid.

  With your other index finger, lift the lens up towards your eye and gently place it on the coloured

  part of your eye.

* Ensure the eye drop solution stays within the lens as you place it on your eye.

* Once the lens is on the eye and centred, release the eyelids and blink gently.

* Check the lens is in place by covering your other eye with your palm and checking your vision. 

* Now repeat the insertion process for the second lens.

* Tip out the old lens solution in the lens case and basket air dry on a clean paper towel.

* Go to bed about 15 minutes after inserting both lenses.

* If you drop your lens, you can rinse the lens with sterile saline solution.

A woman putting on her OrthoK lens
Removing your Ortho-K lenses.

* After you wake up, wash your hands.

* Check your eyes in the mirror.

* Blink a few times and use your index finger to push up your bottom eyelid to check the lens is

  not stuck.

* Place a non-preserved Hylo-forte eye drop into your eye to help with mobilising the lens for


* If the lens appears stuck – and this is quite normal – firmly press on the white part of your eye at

  the edge of the cornea at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock several times.

* When the lens appears mobile, place the suction lens remover on the lens and gently lift it from

  the eye.

* Slide the lens gently out of the suction cup remover; do not place excess pressure on the lens.

* Place the lens into the correct side of the lens cleaning cage.

* Repeat this process with the other lens.

Orthok lens plunger in different colurs
Daily OK lens cleaning.

* Daily lens cleaning is required each morning after lens removal.

* Hydrogen peroxide, such as AOSept Plus, is our recommended lens cleaning system as it has

  the highest efficacy of lens sterilisation. It also generally requires no rubbing, reducing the risk of

  accidental lens breakage.

* When using AOSept Plus, you must use only the lens case supplied with the solution, as it

  contains the neutralising disc required for the system to work. The case should be replaced with

  each bottle of solution.

* Fill the empty case with AOSept Plus solution up to the indicator line.

* With the lenses inside the lens cage, place it into the filled lens case.

* Screw the lid down and leave the case sitting upright for least 6 hours for the solution to


* Your lenses will be clean and ready for re-insertion in the evening.

* Never put un-neutralised peroxide solution directly into your eye as it will sting painfully.

  If this happens accidentally, rinse your eye immediately with water and contact us if pain

  persists or your vision is blurred.

A hand inserting the OrthoK lenses inside its case with a bottle of AO Sept next to it
Monthly intensive protein cleaning.

* Intensive cleaning with a protein remover such as Menicon Progent is recommended once a month.

* This removes stubborn protein build-up on the lenses to keep the lenses clean, smooth and comfortable.

* Add the deep cleaning step before the regular daily hydrogen peroxide cleaning process.

* To use Progent, place the lenses into the correction R and L sides of the Progent lens holder.

* Combine the Progent A and Progent B vials into the Progent lens case.

* Place the lens holder into the case with Progent solution, close the lid and shake several times.

* Leave the lenses submerged for 30 minutes.

* Remove the lens holder and tip out the Progent solution into a sink with running water.

* Now transfer your lenses from the Progent lens holder to your regular lens basket.

* Continue the regular daily cleaning process with AOSept Plus, to ensure your lenses are properly cleaned and rinsed before re-insertion into your eyes.


If you have any questions or concerns about cleaning or handling your Ortho-K lenses, please call our store on (02) 4722 3658 and speak to our eye care professional.

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